Dental implants are usually known for its modern way to replace the missing teeth. Without an ounce of doubt, the success rates are quite high, but with any kind of procedure that entails a medical device, complications can sometimes be inevitable. Not to worry, these complications come bearing some solutions with it as well because it depends on the expertise of the dentist working with you.

Complications are classified into groups

  1. The early failure which occurs because of a wound infection that is equal to approx. 1 percent of the complications. The infection rate can be brought down by implementing correct surgical protocols with careful application of antibiotics responsibly and precise patient selection and preparation.
  2. Late failure or peri implant disease that occurs because of progressive failures of the attached bone to the surface of the implant. Our experts are constantly dedicated to application of the top notch, avant garde technology to address this cause of failure.
  3. Complications entailing the teeth structure is supported by the dental implants. The mouth is a tricky place to operate on and all kinds of tooth restoration are subject to wear and tear.

As all of our processes and practices are totally dedicated to the effective delivery of implant dentaire solutions, we also have a knack for dealing with complications and when they arise, we address to the remedial dental implants by all means. Our infection rate are extremely low which is less than 0.25 percent and our failure rate is also below the industry norm, meaning 1 percent. We are thriving with innovative treatments in all fields and especially for the peri implant disease.

What to do when faced with complications?

Unfortunately enough, if you ever encounter and experience an implant failure, we will address the issue fully. Any kind of failure of the implant supported tooth is always under a guarantee which depends on the type of implant you choose. If you have installed the dental implants from abroad, and if you aren’t satisfied with their services, we would love to help you and offer you some advice. The remedial dental implant must always be provided by a professional in this very field and we most definitely are.

If you are sick and tired of putting on a misfit denture and would love to make the most of the latest and up to date dental treatments available near you with ease, feel free to get in touch with us today for getting it done.

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