There are many cannabis dispensaries in your state, which makes it hard to choose the right one. People can opt for one based on proximity. However, the experience can be more enjoyable if you can locate an ideal dispensary suitable for your needs rather than prioritize location closeness.

Few things to consider while choosing a new dispensary


No one wants to drive a couple of hours to get their medical marijuana. You can check to find few dispensaries near your location, thus start narrowing your search options.

Even check the products and prices of potential locations offer on the site. Several dispensaries offer home deliveries within a specific distance. It is ideal for people who cannot move or are disabled or aged.

Product quality

Cannabis product quality differs from one dispensary to another. Therefore, ensure what kind of quality is sold before you visit the potential dispensary. Quality of strains matters not just for medical purposes but even when the goal is to enjoy.

Some dispensaries cultivate their own weeds, while a few of them purchase from wholesalers. It is sensible to check online reviews or choose a lab-tested product.

Budtenders skills

As new strains get added in the cannabis market now and then, it is crucial to have an updated dispensary staff. Customers always ask questions about the products exhibited on the shelf.

The knowledgeable staff can easily navigate customers through the selection process offering accurate product details and suggestions. An unknowledgeable staff will feel detached and disinterested in answering customer queries or choose to answer vaguely.

Budtenders have to be friendly and good listeners. They need to make customers feel at ease with the product they choose to purchase. This also helps to create a loyal customer!

Array of options

Every dispensary features different kinds of cannabis products. Smoking marijuana is not for everyone. A good dispensary will offer options like marijuana-infused edibles. CBD oils are also a popular way of consuming weeds.

If you are interested in a specific product, then check the potential dispensary menu and reviews online.


Customers must not feel uncomfortable when they enter a cannabis dispensary. The interior ambiance has to be friendly and warm. Dispensaries are having a lounge area, where customers can wait for their turn with the budtender.

There are large spa-like stores and small mom & pop shops, which sell bud. You can choose one as per your comfort level.

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