Heroin is an opioid. Heroin is an extremely addictive drug, and it is most commonly found in a lot of pain management prescription pills. Heroin is a drug that is very easy to get addicted to. Heroin affects the brain very quickly and efficiently and can cause physiological as well as psychological dependence. A few uses of the drug can get an individual addicted to heroin. It is one of the most widely misused drugs because of the nature of the high one gets from abusing heroin. You can visit the Lighthouse Treatment Center to find out in detail about orange county ca heroin detox

What Makes Heroin Addiction Dangerous?  

Heroin addiction is hazardous. It has a lot of dangerous physical as well as psychological consequences. The thing about heroin addiction is that when you start using heroin, your body will become tolerant of it. It will not only harm your body, but you will also need to consume more significant quantities of heroin to experience that same high. This is how heroin dependency develops. Suddenly quitting heroin without proper monitoring by healthcare professionals can cause a lot of symptoms. These symptoms include getting jittery, feeling chills muscle and bone pain, vomit, etc. There are several other symptoms and consequences of detoxifying from heroin. To find out more about orange county ca heroin detox, visit the Lighthouse Treatment Center website.

Other Effects Of Using Heroin 

There are a lot of serious health problems and medical emergencies that can arise from ling-tern heroin dependence. These include several lung diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia, experiencing cellulitis, abscesses, and other skin infections. Also, it consists of the infection of the heart valve, infection of the heart lining, increased risk of hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS, as well as hepatitis C, collapsed veins, and miscarriage. Effective treatment and management of orange county ca heroin detox are performed by our licensed medical professionals at Lighthouse Treatment Center.

Pharmacological Treatment Of Heroin Detoxification 

The use of medications is provided in orange county ca heroin detox at the Lighthouse Treatment Center by licensed medical professionals. The benefits of using medicines to treat the symptoms include a higher chance of quitting heroin addiction by staying in treatment programs, lower use of the drug, lower risk of transmitting infectious diseases as well as lower rates of criminal activity. Medications administered in the detoxification stage of heroin addiction help in alleviating the desire to use heroin as well as the physical symptoms such as nausea, pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. It also helps the patient from relapsing.

  • Buprenorphine is a commonly administered medication for people addicted to opioids. As a partial opioid agonist, this medication will help the patient have reduced cravings for the drug. It will also help the patient by reducing the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Methadone is another commonly administered medication used to treat heroin addiction in the detoxification stage. Methadone is consumed orally. It is taken because it ensures that the medicine reaches the brain at a slower pace. This medicine helps in preventing withdrawal symptoms.
  • Naltrexone is another opioid antagonist. The best thing about this medicine is that it is not at all addictive. It does not have sedative effects. Thus, Lee is no possibility of the patient becoming dependent on it. This medicine is effective in blocking the effect of opioids.

Along with pharmacological treatment, behavioral treatment is also essential. A combination of these two approaches had been shown to be the best way to combat the withdrawal symptoms of heroin addiction as well as prevent relapse.

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